Callum Fawsitt

Callum Fawsitt is a former Administrator and was a former Chat Moderator and Patroller on the Club Penguin Wiki. He is blocked globally by Wikia for legal reasons indefinitely. He does have plans of returning to the wiki.


  • He tends to occasionally like fixing and cleaning-up userpages.
  • His penguin's name is Fawsit.
  • He is very enthusiastic about cleaning-up the Wiki.
  • He lives in England.
  • He has Aspergers, a form of Autism.
  • He despises Cheese.


Fawsit is Callum's penguin. He's been playing Club Penguin since December 2010. He usually visits the server Blizzard (if it's full, he will usually visit the server Abominable). His most successful & active year has been 2013, as he attended every party throughout the year. His favorite parties of 2013 are the Puffle Party 2013, the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, Operation: Puffle, and the Holiday Party 2013. As well as attending all of the parties of 2013, He has also purchased the majority of items from both Penguin Style and Furniture Catalog of every month. The first mascot he met was Rockhopper at the 2010 Holiday Party at The Migrator not long after he first joined Club Penguin. He met another 7 mascots by the end of 2013, making a total of 8 mascots that he has met. The only mascots he has not met are the Penguin Band.