Chriskim98 is a former Chat Moderator and Patroller on the Club Penguin Wiki. He has been on the wiki for over year now, and he has about 3500 edits. He has also previously edited on the Harry Potter Wiki, and formerly the Club Penguin Music Wiki. His top 5 best friends (in no particular order) are聽Phineas99cp,聽Techman129,聽JWPengie, Twinkie102, and Eaglesrule8. He has many new friends as well.

Trivia Edit

  • He is 15 years old.
  • He plays Clash Of Clans.
  • He loves pizza, and he loves to play basketball and swim.
  • He plays soccer.
  • He took place in both Wikia Wars on the Club Penguin Wiki along with some other former mods such as Twinkie102, Casablanker, and more.