Cool Pixels is a normal user on the Club Penguin Wiki. He also has two other

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penguins; Pingu62237 and Thinkfood. He thinks Club Penguin is the best game ever.聽

He is a great fan of Thinknoodles and The Penguin Band, and has his very own band due to his liking of them. He is a Club Penguin Blogger, but is not very well known. He plays Poptropica and completed all the islands. He likes making graphics.

He made a club called Club Moose. In that club, they talk about fun stuff and tips on Club Penguin. They are fans of Businesmoose. Club Moose Members will help you if you need any help. They usually hang out on the server Oyster.

He also got published in the Club Penguin Times; three times.

Cool Pixels is an account gifted to him by his cousin and was formerly a member on. Club Penguin. He likes puffles and playing mini games. He is both an EPF Agent and Tour Guide. His penguin's most common costumes are The Sweep, Aviator Sunglasses, Purple Rugby Scarf, Yellow Bass Guitar or Green MP3000, Neon Grid Jacket and Black Dress Shoes. His first pin was the Rockhopper's Key pin, and after that, got the Carabiner Pin. He likes to visit empty servers, most commonly Yeti. His favorite mini-game is Catchin' Waves, and has collected many coins and stamps while playing it. He currently has 330 stamps. He likes meeting his friends and having parties with them in CP, he also likes meeting famous penguins and moderators. Cool Pixels hates Takeover parties, except for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013. His penguin also likes making new friends in Club Penguin. Cool Pixels's favorite mascot is Franky from The Penguin Band. He also made a comedy series called Noodle On, a parody of Waddle On.


  • Cool Pixels has once been the Penguin of the Month.
  • He is currently inactive.
  • He made lots of pranks on his userpage.

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