RafaelMoutaCP is a regular user on the Club Penguin Wiki.

Icon New
Penguin's Name Rafaelmember
Favorites The Flip and the Glasses
Member? Yes
First Pin Herbert Security Clearance
Famous Penguins Met All but Cadence and Penguin Band
Date Joined Wiki 15 April, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin November 2012
Admin? No


  • He won Ecpg's 1 Week Fashion Show.
  • He joined many Wikis, including the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, Annoying Orange Wiki, and Sonic News Network.
  • He resides in Portugal.
  • He has been Chat Moderator for a day, twice.
  • His former CP account was Rafaelmouta, but since it was banned forever, Roxopenguim became his regular account. Since Club Penguin Island, Rafaelmember (his CP member account), became his official account.
  • He recently joined Steam.
  • He won the award for "Most Popular User of the Year" in Callum Fawsuit's 2015 CPW Awards.