Redidy Penguin
Redidy penguin PC
Penguin's Name Redidy
Favorites None
Member? Yes
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Stamps 306/352
Famous Penguins Met All except for CeCe and Rocky
Date Joined Wiki 2014
Date Left Wiki None
Date Joined Club Penguin October 2010
Admin? No

Redidy Penguin聽is聽a normal user on the Club Penguin Wiki. He originally joined CP Wiki on April 2, 2012, but his userpage says he joined the wiki May 24, 2014.

Redidy's favorite items that he has are:

  • Head item: 7th Anniversary Hat
  • Face Item: Blue Snorkel
  • Neck Item: Jetpack
  • Hand Item: Black Electric Guitar
  • Body Item: Black and Red Sailor Shirt
  • Feet Item: Blue Sneakers
  • Pin: 7th Anniversary Hat Pin


  • He is a Ninja, a Fire Ninja, a Water Ninja, a Snow Ninja and an EPF Agent.
  • He has all the colors of the Puffles
  • He have many Puffles.
  • His favorite Server: Sleet (server)
  • He have 442 Friends.
  • His penguin is 1301 days old. (May 24)
  • Favorite Hangout: Town and Cove.
  • Favorite Game: System Defender
  • Favorite Puffle Color: Gold Puffle and Green Puffle
  • First Game Ever Played: Pizzatron 3000
  • First Party Ever: Halloween Party 2010
  • He has about 100 Pins
  • He picked the name Redidy because he like red but later on he liked the Color Blue more.
  • First Mascot found/buddy is Rookie.
  • He has 1 million coins.
  • He is Catholic.
  • He is filipino
  • Cammiii1 thinks Redidy Penguin is a genius.[1][2][3][4]


  • EPF Agent
  • Ninja
  • Fire Ninja
  • Water Ninja
  • Snow Ninja
  • Tour Guide
  • DJ
  • Former Pizza Chef
  • Inventor

Favorite FoodEdit

  • Pie
  • Pizza
  • Fish
  • Cake
  • Ice Cream
  • Squid
  • Anything sweet
  • Chips
  • and others...


  • R-R
  • R-P
  • Red
  • Slime

His Other Favorite GamesEdit

  • Moto-trix-sports-3d
  • Tanki Online
  • Minecraft
  • CPPS
  • Piano tiles
  • And others
  • Injustice

TV Shows He likesEdit

  • Amazing World of Gumball
  • Cartoon Network Shows
  • Disney Channel Shows
  • Toonami Shows
  • Nickelodeon Shows

Club Penguin ArmiesEdit

  1. ArmyofCP
  2. Smart Penguins (Recently on)
  3. UnitedNations (Unsucssesful)
  4. RevivalForce
  5. Army of the Republic and others

Army ExperienceEdit

He was first from RF, then later became ACP. Then he became AR but they realized that ACP and AR were enemies, so they fought over him, so he then quit being a soldier in armies. Later he become moderator in ACP, but became a normal member again. Then he joined other various armies like UN. His friends helped him became mod, but he didn't end up becoming a moderator, so later he found SP. He was the co-owner and Vivek was founder. He later became a moderator again. He eventually became owner and did not become a soldier in any army because he remembered the Club Penguin Wiki, and joined it again. Later he returned to SP and ACP again.聽


He recently retired from armies because he has more important things to do.聽He had fun in armies but he does not feel the army spirit anymore.

Friends from armiesEdit

  • Flipmoo
  • Vivek
  • Dinesh
  • Heross
  • Snaketeja
  • Sora
  • Devin
  • SoraXFirework

and others...

Discovering CPEdit

He played CP before but he forgot. He heard Club Penguin again Year 2010 when he was in my school bus again. My 2 bus mates were talking about Club Penguin. His first thought about it was that it was a club like a tent. And his busmates said other stuff like ninja, agents,membership. So when He got home He rushed of to the internet if he was wrong. And later He found that it was a Game, A Virtual World. So he checked it out and told his Mom to make me a penguin. So he found Halloween things so he checked out it was a Halloween Party. So he had membership after Halloween Party 2010. Early 2011 he Quitted CP. So he didn't get the 6 anniversary hat. Late 2011 he went to Club Penguin again and liked it more. Then Early 2012 he found the Club Penguin Armies Wiki that he looked at using my Old wiki account Redidy (Later forgot password).Early 2013 He found this Wiki and used my other old wiki account Captain Redslime and Stopped Late 2013. Early 2014 he forgot Red Cap's pass and remembered this website. So he rushed to make a new one called Redidy Penguin. His friends made accounts in CP too after he remembered this Wiki.Later on he remembered my Old CP accounts

Note: He only heard about CP 2010 and those RARE Accounts weren't mine except for Renzob and Renzob was hacked with The Bambadee.


Redidy Penguin was blocked 3 times

  1. First Block Reason: Sockpuppet (The Tusk) (Blocked by Penguin-Pal)
  2. Second Block Reason: Sockpuppet (CreativeFletcher123) (Blocked by Penguin-Pal)
  3. Third Block Reason: You used The Tusk both in chat and in other places in the wiki, and you've just added a second confirmation that it's your sockpuppet. We have rules and you know it. --Penguin-Pal


In igloo:

  • Silly
  • Pink
  • No one
  • Lolz
  • Sky


  • Brownpuff
  • Roarz
  • Snow White
  • Fangs
  • Slushy
  • LuckyGold
  • Lazarus
  • Sharphead
  • Uno
  • Dont Leave
  • Your Friend
  • Kittyz
  • Goldy:)
  • Skittles!
  • ShinyButter
  • ButterLord
  • orange
  • Yellow
  • Redtri
  • Black
  • Dug


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