Username Dipperfan21,TheRainbowDash2106
Favorites Light Blue,Black Puffle,Frozen Party
Membership Status 6 month Member since May 21,2014
Position Artist,Custom creator,Template maker
Stamps Earned A lot. Probably 172...
Color Light Blue,Red,Orange,Blue,Yellow.
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Common Servers Ice Berg,White Out,Icicle
Date Joined Wiki (CP) February 20,2014;(Wiki) February 25,2014
Mascots Met PH,Cadence
Meetable Character? Yes
Admin No
She thinks she is a cool, kind, and calm penguin, but she has a very short temper. The only way to recognize her is that he always wears The Orange Tomcat, and is ALWAYS seen with her trusty Puffle, Dubstep."

TheRainbowDash2106 (AKA Dipperfan21) is a regular user on the Club Penguin Wiki. She is Indonesian and a Catholic. She likes My Little Pony, various anime, Minecraft, and many other things.


Her penguin, DF21, is a light blue penguin, and is always wearing these clothing and items:

  • Stealth Tracker/The Orange Tomcat
  • Ninja Mask/Spy Goggles/Designer Glasses
  • Amulet/DJ Headphones/Phoenix Wings
  • Blue Tracksuit/Custom Hoodie/Jazzy Gray Shirt
  • Laptop/Orange Double-Necked Guitar/Golden Guitar/Gold MP3000
  • Purple Dragon Feet/Checkered Shoes/Brady's Shoes

Favorite serversEdit

  • Ice Berg
  • White Out
  • Blizzard
  • Zipline